Political Science Major and Minor Requirements
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Learning Outcomes For The Political Science Department
1. Demonstrate basic understanding of the structure and dynamics of American government.
2. Explain the nature of, and relationships between, political institutions, processes, public policies, and ideas.
3. Compare and contrast political institutions and phenomena from multiple nations.
4. Critique or defend, by way of structured argument, political institutions, policies or processes, against a set of values or analytic standards.
5. Apply their knowledge of, and analytic skills in, the discipline to actual political environments or professional career positions

Major in Political Science, B.A.
39 credits. See link below for details.

Political Science Graduation Evaluation Form

Major in Political Science with Specialization in Public Administration, B.A.
36 credits in Political Science, as follows: PS 110, 230, 260, 344, 446, 450; 6 credits from PS 480/481 or 482/483 or 490/491, or approved 400-level courses in Political Science or other fields. 12 credits of electives from Political Science, or from fields directly related to Public Administration, with prior approval of the department adviser. Particularly appropriate electives are PS 315, 330, 331 or 332, 335, 430 and 431. Students must also complete a minor in an area relevant to Public Administration
Public Administration Graduation Evaluation Form

Minor in Political Science
18 credits, of which at least 15 must be in Political Science; the remaining credits may be earned  in a discipline relevant to Political Science.
Minor in Political Science (For students completing secondary certification)
18 credits, including PS 104 or 110. Credit for not more than 6 credits towards a Political Science minor may be granted, with approval of the department chair, from those areas listed as options under the major.
Note: Credit will be given for COMM 360 in any of the above programs.

Study Abroad for Political Science Majors